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Alex Machacek – “[ sic ]“

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Alex Machacek SIC

Alex Machacek stretches the genre boundaries with his simultaneously electric and eclectic offering “[ sic ]“. High in dynamic range, sonically and stylistically, the tunes on this disc take off in all kinds of directions. For the four tracks playing on the station, Alex is joined by Terry Bozzio, Herbert Pirker and Mario Lackner on drums, Raphael Preuschl on upright bass, with Alex on “guitars and everything else”.

Deerfoot – “Deerfoot”

Friday, February 16th, 2007


Out of “The Great White North” of Canada comes Deerfoot, with their self-titled disc fusing jazz, funk, rock, ambient and hip-hop. Deerfoot consists of Ryan Timofee on keys, Dean Faulkner on guitars, Kurt Clesla on bass and Ron Samson on drums. Some terrific commentary on the songs and band can be found here on their website. Excellent, tasty, thoroughly-groovin’ stuff!


Thursday, February 8th, 2007


Out of Germany comes the quartet Panzerballet, with their self-titled disc. Jan Zehrfeld (guitar), Gregor Bürger (tenor sax), Flo Schmidt (bass) and Max Bucher (drums) combine to create a collection of dark, dramatic and intense tunes. Fans of Gerald Gradwohl, as well as the late Bob Berg, will feel right at home here.   Five tracks from the disc are spinning now — check ‘em out!

The late great Shawn Lane…

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

I hope a bunch of you just caught a listen of Hellborg, Lane and Sipe’s title track from their “Personae” disc.   Lane’s playing on this track is just completely over the top.   I was never able to see him play live.  Can anyone share a concert experience or two?