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Patrick Yandall — “New York Blues”

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Patrick Yandall New York Blues

My guess is that this album is Patrick Yandall’s answer to Steely Dan’s “Aja”. Some of the tunes have an uncanny resemblance to the Dan classic, which to these ears is a very good thing. Stylish and soulful, this is a fantastic disc. What’s even more impressive is the list of personnel: Patrick Yandall, everything — that’s all instruments, production, engineering, etc. Check out four tracks on the station, and Patrick’s site at Patrick

It’s not a Minimoog

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

From the Are-you-kidding-me? department, anyone catching David Wright’s tune “Big Feeling” on the station right now should know that what sounds like a Minimoog keyboard solo is actually some really nice guitar synth work by David. It had me fooled, until he told me otherwise.

Makes me think that David playing keyboard solos on his guitar, trading off with Jan Hammer playing guitar solos on his keyboard, could be kinda surreal.

Craig Pilo – Just Play

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Craig Pilo - Just Play

Drummer Craig Pilo writes: “At some point, I honestly feel it’s important to let the critics be critics, and for better or worse – Just Play”. I’m betting you’ll be happy with the playing Craig and the band lay down on this disc. Simply outstanding jazz, crisply recorded from a lengthy all-star cast. Appearing on the tracks I’m playing are Mitchel Forman and Ed Czach with some truly blistering Fender Rhodes work, Burt Samolis, Keith Hubacher, Jim King, Tom Kennedy and David Enos each on some equally blistering bass lines, Roman Dudok on sax, with Pilo keeping the rhythm locked and loaded and filled with particularly tasty cymbal work. Check out Craig’s website at

CASIOPEA – Bitter Sweet

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Casiopea - Bitter Sweet

Japan’s funk fusion band CASIOPEA joins FusionGroovin’s playlists with three tracks off of their “Bitter Sweet” album. This is a tiny fraction of a huge discography dating back to 1979. Those of you looking for upbeat tunes with a thick groove will not be disappointed. CASIOPEA is Issei Noro on guitars, Minoru Mukaiya on keyboards, Yoshihiro Naruse on bass and M6 programming, and Akira Jimbo on drums. Check ‘em out on FusionGroovin, and at

José de Castro – Conversation

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Jose De Castro - Conversation

José de Castro’s bluesy, funky guitar tone returns to FusionGroovin via his third album, “Conversation”. José is joined by Melvin Lee Davis and J. Vera on bass, Enzo Filippone on drums, Denis Bilanin on keyboards and Iñaki Quiano on Hammond Organ. José’s tunes have been a real listener favorite on the station — here are three more tracks in the same vein. Visit his website at