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Support jazz-rock fusion’s artists — Please don’t steal their music!

Monday, February 25th, 2008

I just came across a fantastically well-written piece by the highly entertaining Gary Willis, making the case against file sharing, or as he calls it, “unpaid downloading”.

FusionGroovin will continue to, as it has from day one, purchase every tune played on the station, unless it was directly submitted by the artist. We listeners of jazz-rock fusion must support the artists whose work we so enjoy. What right do any of us have to imply or demand that their work be delivered to our ears for free?

Again, read (and in this case, share!) the post.

Five new discs

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Another mighty wave of new music is hitting those Cat-5 cables today. Eighteen tracks to be exact, nearly two hours of killer grooves, from

  • Alex Broshodsky: self titled
  • Ed DeGenaro: “Dog House”
  • Elfferich Four: “Eccentricity”
  • Family Groove Company: “Charmer”
  • Nordal Twang: “Nordal Twang”

Keep those votes coming in, as they really help me decide on song rotations. Special thanks to all the fans who’ve taken the time to write and make suggestions. It’s much appreciated!