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Eight years and five new albums of music

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Once upon a time at a candy store I saw what looked to be a roll of LifeSavers, but instead said “RoundTuits”. The idea is you could give one to someone who had responded to a request with “yeah, yeah… when I get around to it…”

Well, someone must have given me a RoundTuit, because I’ve finally added a bunch of new music. Check out dozens of new songs from:

Dream Electrik
The Odd Get Even
David Hines
Frank Gambale
The Code

Thanks for the continued support and listening over the years — eight years running as of two days ago!!!

Over 14,000 of you have added FusionGroovin to your lists of presets, and the station consistently ranks among the top 300 stations at Live365.

Like the eTrade baby says… “whoa”.